Compost Mixer

Compost mixer is a raw material mixing facility for compost making process. Before composting, different types of organic compostable materials
need to be mixed in a certain ratio for qualified compost production
reference. The mixer provides available conditions for the bio bacterial
decomposition to the raw materials. The mixed organic compostable materials have rational C/N ratio, water contain. Material with strong
adhesion, high or low moisture are compatible with this mixer machine. In Abster fertilizer machinery, there are vertical material batching
mixers, horizontal types for your raw compost material pre treatment reference. There are also different types of compost blenders for your plants in the compost material processing reference. Both continuous double shaft paddle blending machine and vertical blender are available for your sites at affordable price.

Types of compost mixers and blenders for sale

In Abster™ fertilizer machinery, there are wide options for your compost material mixing and blending option. The following mixers are hot sale facilities in Abster fertilizer manufacturing facility factory.

Abster™ horizontal compost material batching mixer for sale

This type of mixing equipment is mainly used for organic materials mixing before composting, so as to meet the needs of microorganisms for C/N and moisture of composting materials. It is particularly suitable
for materials with strong adhesion, high or low moisture. This horizontal mixer features in a large dial, double helix horizontal
structure. Compostable materials can push out from the side outlet. The mixing chamber of ShunXin compost horizontal mixer has large capacity.
It is especially suitable for low density organic materials. What’s more its feeding point is concentrated. This machine only takes up a small
space. Straw materials can be mixed evenly and completely. Additionally, it is also a high-tech mixer with high measurement accuracy. It can
design formula according to the program. The LCD digital display, touch button operation makes the machine more intuitive and convenient in
operation. Moreover, the machine also has a unique material discharging method. It solves the problems of material leakage due to material
sticking. Customers want space saving mixers, this one will be your perfect choice.