Sugar Dissolving Tank

Sugar Dissolving Tank Vessel

Sugar Dissolving Tank


Sugar Dissolving Tank also named invert sugar tank, widely apply to food, beverage,dairy products,chemical etc industry.
Sugar Dissolving Tank are mainly suitable for dissolving white granulated sugar, also use to melt milk powder, starch etc powder or granular materials.It also play some functions as stirring,dissolving, heating( or cooling, use tap-water cooling), filtrating( strainer) and others.Fast melting speed, high efficiency, is the one of technology equipment for food, drink productions.

Suger Dissolving Tank prepared for series of advantages like convenient to operate, corrosion resistance, powerful production ability, easy to clean and maintenance. External tank body is the stainless steel which was polished and processed to more bright and smooth of the surface of tank.

Sugar Dissolving Tank Working Principle:

Suger dissolving tank primarily put dissolved materials and cool water(or hot-water) in tank , and then steam inlet inter-layer to reach the effects through heated dissolving.

1. This tank is suitable for melting granularity sugar into syrup,  involve in food industry , pharmaceutical etc. some food as confetti, sprinkles ,  and tablet need to coat sugar , these  will need to sugar melting tank  . Because this product need add syrup into it to polish.

2. Top stirring, bottom discharge hole, easy to operate, convenient for cleaning

3. With four legs as support, it is more stability.

4. It is very popular for use for food industry, pharmaceutical plant and etc.

5. triple -layer, the inner layer is touch materials, the middle layer is heating, and the outer -layer is insulation.

Sugar Dissolving Tank’s application:

1.Food process such as juice  ,beverage ,milk and pure water ,sugar so on

2.Pharmaceutic process field

3.Chemical industry 

4.Bio engineering

The detailed design is according to site dimension and technical requirement to design .

Suger Dissolving Tank


SS304 or SS316L or Duplex stainless or 904L 

Design Pressure:

-1 -10 Bar (g) or ATM B9

Work Temperature:




Construction :

Vertical type or horizontal 

Jacket type  :

Dimple jacket, full jacket, or coil jacket 

Structure  :

Single layer vessel, vessel with jacket, vessel with jacket and insulation 

Heating or cooling function 

According to the heating or cooling requirement ,

the tank will have jacket for required function 

Optional Motor:

ABB, Siemens, SEW or Indian brand 

Surface Finish:

Mirror Polish or Matt polish or Acid wash&pickling or 2B

Standard components :

Manhole,sight glass , cleaning ball 

Optional components :

Vent filter, Temp. Gauge, display on the gauge directly on the vessel 

Temp sensor PT100, digital display on the control cabinet by instrument 

Temp sensor with control for heating and cooling Level gauge with digital 

display on the control cabinet by instrument Load cell Valves 


Wine, Beer Juices Food & Beverage Pharmaceutical Biotechnology & 

Laboratory Medical &Medical Device Chemical Industry Painting Industrial

Dissolving Tank
In the beverage industry, sugar is mostly processed as a watery solution. Therefore, the first step is the production of a standardized sugar syrup. The concentration is between 60 ‚Ķ 67¬į Brix. Discontinuous and continuous processes are applied in the beverage industry.

Discontinuous process with Dissolving Tank
For discontinuous processes mixers are used, the capacity of which can vary according to the prepared granular sugar quantity. The required quantity of well-tempered dissolving water is provided in the mixer. By means of a pneumatic or mechanical conveyor the granular sugar is fed to the mixer. When the dissolving procedure is finished, the sugar syrup is filtered and pasteurized and then, in a filtered condition, passed on to a buffer tank.

Continuous process with hot/cold dissolving tank
The continuous processes can be divided into cold and hot dissolving procedures. These procedures require a granular sugar silo and a corresponding tank capacity for sugar syrup. Granular sugar and dissolving water are fed to the dissolving tank in the desired ratio. A circulating pump ensures a homogeneous suspension. A partial flow is supplied to the buffer tank, either via a gap filter (cold dissolving) or a pasteurization (hot dissolving) with integrated filtration and de aeration.

Special features of Dissolving Tank:
High, constant product quality
Little wear, i.e. low maintenance requirements

Clean-ability of the system

Melting Tank (dissolving Tank)
Model Volume Size Medium Inlet/outlet
SDV-1000 1000L 1100 1220 900 2200 40A
SDV-2000 2000L 1350 1470 1000 2600
SDV-4000 4000L 1700 1820 1100 3000
SDV-6000 6000L 1900 2020 1150 3450
SDV-8000 8000L 2100 2220 1300 3700
SDV-10000 10000L 2300 2420 1400 3850
SDV-15000 15000L 2700 2820 1650 4150