Single Axis Dust Humidifier

Single Axis Dust Humidifier

What are the benefits of single axis humidification machine;

The single axis humidifier is mainly used for spraying, humidifying, stirring and conveying powder in various kinds of ash warehouse, so as to achieve the requirements of environmental protection and transportation. Widely used in power plant, chemical industry, mining, steel and other solid particles of material humidification, mixing and conveying.

The single axis dust humidifier consists of four parts, including uniform feeding, vane feeding, mixing, striking, humidifying and vibration system, etc., with special electric control and water supply system. The whole equipment is fixed on the base and the cylinder body is supported by four sets of elastic elements, through the vibration device, vibrated, making machine in the process of operation, the cylinder for high frequency vibration between the cylinder wall and the stirring shaft always maintain a certain gap, so the running resistance is greatly reduced, the complete elimination of the boring machine and the blocking phenomenon, reducing downtime and cleaning time, improve work efficiency. The water supply is controlled by the valve group. In order to stabilize the water supply and clean the water quality of the system, a filter is installed in the pipeline, and the main control cabinet is used to interlock each part of the humidifier, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the constant humidity operation of the water supply.

The characteristics of single axis humidifier are: large processing capacity, advanced technology, compact structure, simple maintenance, stable and reliable.

This machine has the following advantages:

The seal adopts multi groove labyrinth and packing combination seal, the sealing is reliable, and the wear of the shaft is light.

The inner lining of the shell is made of iron base wear resistant alloy, and the service life is high, and the material flow caused by the excessive clearance is avoided.

High output (mixing and humidifying 200t per hour), uniform humidification, reliable work.

The special atomizing nozzle and water supply system with adjustable water quantity can ensure the uniform humidification of the material.

The layout of the machine is flexible, there are two forms of chain drive and direct connection, and the transmission mechanism adopts cycloid reducer.

The stirring rod is made of Fe based wear resistant alloy or composite ceramic, and the service life is long.

The vibration system is added to overcome the problem that the sticky dust is easy to form the adhesion of the cylinder wall, the adaptability of the humidifier is improved, and the application range of the humidifying machine is enlarged. And the shell and the base by elastic coupling, so the vibration of the machine without affecting.

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