V Blender Manufacturers

V Blender manufacturers:

V Cone Blenders designed and manufactured to perform gentle and extremely vigorous mixing and blending of powder materials in pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic industries. Also known as V shape Mixer, V Cone Blender is a machine equipped with two inclined cylinders (vessels or barrels) fixed together at an angle 70°C to 90°C to form a conical “V” shape. In the shell when rotates, materials are divided and then mixed together. It is the most common type of tumbling blenders that offers short blending times and efficient blending.V shape Blander mixer

V blender fill volume

In order to achieve good mixing performance from a V Blender machine, it is advised to keep filling level up to 50% – 60% of total volume allowing particles to move in a set pattern. Keeping fill level under this percentage provides free space within cylinder during blending process and allows particles to follow a smooth passage, which ultimately minimizes time taken for homogeneous blending.

V Blender with Intensifier Bar

For mixing of minor ingredients or very fine granules that may form agglomerates while blending, an intensifier bar (beater or pin type) is optionally fitted to the machine. An intensifier bar has spray pipes for liquid addition. This intensifier bar also makes V Blender capable of: dry as well as wet mixing, mixing of fine as well as coarse particle compositions and mixing of cohesive powders.

V Blender Sampling Locations

v-blender-sampling-locations Sample Set Symbol Location
1 A Left – Left – Top
2 B
Left – Left – Middle
Left – Left – Bottom
Discharge Port
3 E
Left – Center – Middle
Center – Center – Center
Right – Right – Bottom
4 H
Right – Right – Top
Right – Right – Middle
5 J Right – Right – Top


abster Equipment is a leading V Blender manufacturer in India and offers V Blending machines in different sizes, capacities and choices of optional accessories. We sell these machines at factory price all over India and overseas. Our engineering team carefully designs a V Blender for both laboratory use and pharmaceutical production use. Each unit features clean design and adds value to product efficiency.

We have standard models with 50 liters to 2000 liters volumes. We can also custom engineer a V Blender to meet specific requirements of our clients. Each machine is manufactured to cGMP and FDA guidelines; therefore, perfect for pharmaceutical production use. Exterior and interior is made of high grade stainless steel.

If you want V Blender in any particular shape, please discuss with our engineering team, we have experience and engineering capabilities to design the exact machine that meets or exceed your unique application requirements.


15 to 2000 kg working capacity Single or double plinth design
Meet cGMP design requirements High grade stainless steel construction
Safety reeling with limit switch Long life rugged construction
Manual rotating facility Overload protection and emergency stop
Fully enclosed and dust tight drives Easy loading and unloading of materials



Model Total volume
Material Capacity
Working Capacity
ABFVB-50 50 25 15 25
ABFVB-150 150 75 45 20
ABFVB-300 300 150 90 20
ABFVB-500 500 250 150 18
ABFVB-1000 1000 500 300 15
ABFVB-1500 1500 750 450 12
ABFVB-2000 2000 1000 600 12
MOC Contact Parts – SS 316 / 316L
Non-contact Parts – SS 304
Optional – Pin Intensifier Bar
– Beater Bar
– Drum Loading System
– Vacuum transfer system
– PLC control with HMI
– Side platform
– Ladder
– IQ, OQ and DQ documentations

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