Horizontal Spiral Belt Mixer

Horizontal Spiral Belt Mixer


The horizontal spiral belt mixer consists of a container, a screw stirring blade and a transmission unit. The helical mixing device is usually made into two or three layers in which the external blade pushes the material into the corner and the internal part is used to transport the material to both sides to create convection through mixing. Containers can be rounded to facilitate reaction and drying in subsequent steps.


The mixer adopts u-type barrel structure, smooth operation, uniform stirring, no dead angle, clean discharge and wide application range. The mixer mainly has wear-resistant alloy material manufacture, including high speed agitating blade, stirring wing, wear-resisting lining, stirring arm, stirring shovel, planet shovel, stirring plough knife, stirring rod, stirring rake and so on. Mixer is a machine which uses mechanical force and gravity to mix two or more materials evenly.


● High loading coefficient and small occupied area.

● Hard to clean when mixing materials with viscosity or coherence.


The spiral belt mixer is suitable for mixing viscous materials or coherent particles as well as particles with liquid or paste. It also applies to mixing a large amount of infrequently changed materials, which are difficult to clean after mixing them.

single-shaft horizontal batch ribbon blenders are made up of mixing trough, with one or more inlets, one vent port, one or more outlets, one main rotor shaft that rotates inside the trough, to which four concentric counter-rotating ribbon flights are fixed that mix the ingredients fed through the inlets. The flights delicately move the materials backwards and forwards across the trough, simultaneously pushing them from the center to the ends, and vice versa. Two end plates close the trough at both ends: the shaft supports, complete with bearings and seals, are bolted to the end plates. An electric drive unit is coupled to the main shaft and guarantees the correct rotation speed of the shaft inside the mixing trough.


single-shaft horizontal batch ribbon blenders are made of mild steel or stainless steel (AISI 304 or AISI 316).

The shaft is made from a high thickness pipe, the ends are welded and lathed to a high degree of precision to guarantee a perfect fit and coupling within the end supports.

The end supports are fitted with the main shaft bearings, together with the main seals to prevent any leakages from the mixing trough. According to the application for which the blender is designed, the main shaft seals can be of different types (simple stuffing, air/nitrogen purged).

The four, concentric, counter-rotating flights delicately push the materials back and forth inside the trough simultaneously from the center to the ends and vice versa, guaranteeing a thorough particle distribution.

Inlets are made according to application and installation requirements (various shapes and sizes possible).

The central outlet, ensures that all materials are discharged once mixing operations have been completed, with a very low residue left inside the trough.

All single-shaft horizontal batch ribbon blenders come equipped with lids, bolted or hinged, enabling the operator/service technician to perform cleaning or maintenance operations. Upon request, additional side inspection doors can be fitted. Both lids and inspection doors are fitted with safety mechanical or elector-mechanical locking devices, that prevent them from opening while the blender is in operation. Bolted or hinged grids can be fitted beneath the lids, upon request.

Every single-shaft horizontal batch ribbon blender is supplied with a specifically sized and configured drive unit, according to customer and application needs. Simple, compact drives are preferred for low power, simple configurations, while larger units with higher installed power will be supplied with independent, self-supporting, drive units with flexible pin coupling.

single-shaft horizontal batch ribbon blenders benefits

  • Delicate mixing: single-shaft horizontal batch ribbon blenders require a medium-long mixing time. Ideal when handling delicate, thermo-sensitive and fragile materials, that cannot be broken or vigorously tumbled, these blenders are the perfect solution when handling fragile ingredients such as flakes.
  • Low power consumption: with their low speed RBC ribbon blenders do not require high installed power and consequently benefit from low energy consumption.
  • Batch repeatability: although slower when compared to other more vigorous mixing technologies, RBC ribbon blenders maintain an excellent batch repeatability in time
  • Know-how and experience: thanks to its extensive experience, MC2 guarantees its customers full support at all times
  • Easy access and maintenance on all ribbon blenders is guaranteed

Features of single-shaft horizontal batch ribbon blenders

  • Capacity: from 57 to 12.785 litres
  • Solid/solid mixing, solid/liquid mixing, drying, cooling
  • Slow, delicate blending, ideal for fragile and sensitive materials
  • Low power consumption, low installed power
  • Different types of finishing for stainless steel units (glass-bead blasting, satin polishing, mechanical and electro-mechanical mirror polishing)


  • Liquid injection by means of specific liquid ports
  • Sampling device: electro-pneumatic system for sample drawing of mixed materials while blender is running
  • Pneumatic panel: panel for the proper and ideal distribution of compressed air to all pneumatic appliances
  • Temperature jacket to heat/cool materials inside the mixing trough
  • Thermocouple to constantly monitor blended materials’ temperature
  • Special ducting specific for the food industry
  • Rev counter
  • ATEX versions for hazardous materials or potentially explosive atmospheres
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