Pharmaceutical Bin Blender

Bin Blender

Column Type Bin Mixer

Pharmaceutical Bin Blender


The machine is provided with such functions as automatic lifting, mixing, lowering, etc. A hopper mixer and several mixing hoppers of different specifications can meet the mixing requirements of diversified varieties and different batches of products.

It is an ideal machine for mixing in pharmaceutical plants. It is also widely used in such industries as medicine, chemical industry, food, etc.


bin blender working principle

bin blender working principle

The Bin Blender machine is composed of column, machine base, rotation crotch, driving system, braking system, control system, etc. Push the mixing hopper into the rotation crotch and lock the nuts. Start the control system to lift the hopper to the mixing height and position it reliably.

The driving system will carry out automatic mixing according to the set time, rotation speed and other data. After the mixing operation is finished, the rotation crotch will stop vertically, the hopper will automatically fall to the ground, the machine will stop and process data will be printed. Loosen the locknuts of the rotary crotch and push the hopper out and transfer it to the next procedure.


The Bin Blender machine is a new machine researched and developed successfully by our company according to India’s actual conditions after absorbing and digesting internationally advanced technology. After mixing is finished, the hopper can continue to rise to the required height to facilitate discharging. The machine has such features as reasonable structure, stable performance, convenient operation, no dead corners, and no exposed bolts. The gyrator (mixing hopper) forms an included angle of 30° with the rotation axis.

The materials in the mixing hopper rotate along with the gyrator and make tangential movement along the hopper walls, producing strong turning and high-speed tangential movement and achieving the best mixing effect.

PLC automatic control is adopted. It is provided with the infrared safety device and the discharging butterfly valve with the misoperation preventer to ensure safe production.

The materials can go through different working procedures in the same vessel without the need of frequent material transferring, material charging, etc. The machine effectively controls dust pollution and cross contamination, reduces loss of materials, controls material layering, optimizes production processes, and fully meets the requirements for medicine production in GMP.

Main Features:

1. It is a high-tech product which integrates machinery, electronics, and hydraulics into one body. It employs hydraulic lifting and driving, and PLC control, which is easy to operate and convenient to adjust technological parameters.
2. The control system is highly sensitive, and the whole machine is compact in structure, stable and reliable in running.
3. A single machine can be equipped with hoppers of various specifications. The materials after mixing remains in the hopper, which will be dismounted from the rotating arm and shifted directly to the next procedure, thus greatly improving the utilization efficiency of the mixer and also avoiding cross-contamination of materials. This machine completely accords with GMP requirement.
4. The mixing barrel can be used as a batching barrel in the upstream procedure and as a charging hopper in the downstream procedure (compressing and filling).
5. The evenness of mixing reaches above 99%, the volume charge coefficient reaches 0.80, both inner and outer surface of the barrel is clean and smooth without a dead corner.
6. After mixing each batch of pharmaceuticals, the empty hopper is sent to a special cleaning room for cleaning, so as to keep the workshop clean.