Bead Mill

Bead mill unique but simple machine which is normally fixed speed and fixed batch size. A range of batch bead mills is available from laboratory size to 450 litre mill base capacity. The mill contains a charge of glass beads which, when agitated with the product, will achieve a fine dispersion on most pigments within 15 – 30 minutes. The product is then discharged via a specially designed valve incorporating a separator screen to retain glass beads.

The Vertical Bead Mill is fed with the material from the bottom of the chamber and again out from higher part of the chamber. Due to its specific gravity, the grinding beads move all the way down to form an improved circulation. After that the raw materials in forced from a very narrow space and blown by high speed accelerated beads. This up and down convection and the high speed circulation by disc, the beads will disperse and emulsify completely in the pressure chamber. This function of up & down convection cuts short the grinding time to reach the particle size under 5 microns, of course, it’ll have more output producing capacity than horizontal bead mill. In general, Vertical bead mill will have more output producing capacity about 40-50% than horizontal bead mill when compare by an equivalently same model size.