Sigma Mixer Extruder

Sigma Mixer Extruder:

Sigma Mixer With Extruder

Sigma Mixer Extruder – The most common device employed in high viscosity processes is the sigma blade mixer with extruder for discharge. A sigma blade mixer extruder is composed of two z-shaped blades mounted on a horizontal trough. The blades run toward each other at different speeds and in a bottom cavity, a mixing screw rotates in reversible directions, either feeding materials to the sigma blades during the mixing cycle or extruding the finished product during discharge.

sigma mixer extruder

Z Blade Sigma mixer extruders are used in a wide range of industries and applications including:

Gum bases, Sugar pastes, Adhesives, Polymers, Hydrocolloids, Sealants, Mastics, Soaps, Detergents, Silicone rubbers, Energetics, Brake linings, Confectionery, Waste recycling, Rubber solutions, Fibreglass doughs, Ceramics, Roof tiles.


How the Sigma Mixer Extruder Works

Our Sigma mixer Extruder combines the efficiency of a double arm – sigma blade mixer with the convenience of an extrusion screw for the mixing and discharging of heavy viscous materials.

The Kneader Extruder includes a set of counter-rotating kneading blades and a discharge screw. The blades are mounted on a horizontal axis in a u-shaped trough. Below the blades in a separate cavity is the discharge screw. During the mixing cycle the blades rotate toward each other while the mixing screw rotates in a reverse direction, constantly feeding new materials into the mixing blades. After the mixing/kneading cycle is complete, the screw is reversed and it transports the mixed materials from the mix zone out through a discharge die and on to further processing or packaging.


Sigma Mixer with screw extruder for discharge/Sigma Kneader Mixer/Z blade Sigma Mixer


Benefits of Sigma mixer

The Kneader Extruder has several advantages over conventional non-screw discharge kneaders:

1. Mixes in approx. 15% less time

2. Eliminates the manual task of scraping out sticky/tacky materials.

3.Eliminates operator exposure to materials of elevated temperatures or of a toxic nature, thereby improving plant safety.

Many sizes and designs are available to meet the most stringent process needs. Kneader Extruders are manufactured in many sizes from 1 through 1000 gallons capacity.

Graphite Special Kneading Machine/Colloidal Graphite Kneading Use

Also available Lab Sigma Mixer with Extruder

Technical Specification


ModelsWorking CapacityGross CapacityMain MotorExtruder Motor
SME – 5050 Liters80 Liters7.5 H.P.1.5 H.P.
SME – 7575 Liters110 Liters10 H.P.2 H.P.
SME – 100100 Liters150 Liters15 H.P.2 H.P.
SME – 150150 Liters200 Liters20 H.P.3 H.P.
SME – 200200 Liters300 Liters25 H.P.3 H.P.
SME – 400400 Liters550 Liters40 H.P.5 H.P.
SME – 500500 Liters750 Liters50 H.P.5 H.P.
SME – 750750 Liters1150 Liters60 H.P.5 H.P.
SME – 10001000 Liters1500 Liters70 H.P.7.5 H.P.
SME – 15001500 Liters2100 Liters80 H.P.7.5 H.P.
SME – 20002000 Liters2600 Liters90 H.P.10 H.P.
SME – 30003000 Liters3800 Liters120 H.P.10 H.P.

* Power voltage can be adjusted as per customer’s domestic power voltage requirements.
* Rights of technical improvements & modification reserved.
* Illustrations & dimensions are shown for information purpose only.


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